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We’ve undergone some remodeling here at Certified Customs. Things change… It’s inevitable and as things change so must we. In the spirit of constant improvement we’ve continued the remodel and it’s gotten to a point where we don’t know when to share progress photos with our followers. It hasn’t stopped since June when James Dean and Myself (Yeyo) returned from doing a guest spot at an awesome shop in NYC. Inspiration comes to me in so many ways sometimes it’s hard to explain but this trip changes everything, as a leader people tend to look to me to tell them and inspire but this time I was left asking all the questions and wanting to know more. I’m proud to share with you a progress photo today not only of the shop but a style that came to me so organically I still don’t know what to call it so I’m calling it Nando Mondragon (my real name) it feels so natural and for the first time in my short tattoo career I feel like I know where I wanna go and taking the steps to get there. The fun is back and I love tattooing more then ever before. I hope you can see that in my latest pieces and if you’re interested in a Nando Mondragon original please get in touch soon!