Butch James

Tattoo Artist

Its doesn’t matter if it’s a full Japanese back piece or a tiny Tasmanian devil, it’s going to be the best tattoo it can be” This statement is a testimony to Butch’s artistic integrity, professionalism and ability as a tattoo artist.

A veteran in the tattoo game, he treats every tattoo like it’s his favorite and wants you to feel the same way about his work. Butch says his clients get the best of him when he is tattooing.

He prides himself on his love of the craft and has poured his life’s commitment into his art. Whether he’s smiling at you while perched on his beloved bicycle or immersed in a good read, Butch’s friendly demeanor and heart for perfection makes him a perfect fit at Certified and a trusted artist in the business.

“People aren’t perfect,but my tattoos will be. That’s for damn sure.”

Tattoos by Butch James