Chunk Garcia, Black and Grey Realism and lettering Tattoo Artist at Certified Customs in Denver CO.

Chunk Garcia

Tattoo Artist

Chunk has made a name for himself as a talented tattoo artist.
Not limited by a canvas, he can translate an idea on to any surface. A simple and pure love of art keeps him inspired to leave his mark on the world, but wielding a can of spray paint isn’t always a safe bet.

His experience has left him with a style all his own, specializing in black & grey, realism, fine line lettering and script design. When it comes to creativity and imagination, Chunk is at the top of his game, a blessing he attributes to working at Certified which allows him to do what he does best among the people he loves.

“There is no better way to live than to be able to work with your brothers”

Tattoos by Chunk Garcia